Why the jelly babies?

Orthia jelly babies paperbag small

Here’s why the cover of Doctor Who and Race features an image of jelly babies in a white paper bag:

[Doctor Who‘s] consistency in what humanity looks like constructs human diversity as an unremarkable and timeless fact. It casts racist attitudes as threatening, but in the grand scheme of human history, anomalous. The urge to a cosmopolitanism of “many colours one culture” is thus naturalized and essentialized. There are no deep power relations; there is only eternal humanity, different in colour but united in all other respects. This is no melting pot, it is no salad bowl. The appropriate metaphor comes from Doctor Who’s most famous foodstuff: humanity is so many coloured jelly babies inside a colourless (white) paper bag.

– quote from a 2010 paper published by Lindy Orthia in The Journal of Commonwealth Literature, p. 215

Photo by Lindy Orthia