This blog is an adjunct to a book of essays entitled Doctor Who and Race. It was established as a venue for people interested in Doctor Who and race to write about the topic, speak back to the book, start new trains of thought, argue, debate, critique, agree, praise, condemn and more.

As it happens, the book did spark an abundance of new discussion when it came out in 2013, as well as tapping into ongoing conversations. But most of that discussion was elsewhere – all over the web – so this site has now become more a place of information about the book, and a hub that links to other relevant content, including much of that recent discussion.

The blog remains a place for discussion though, should people want to use it. The house rules are that racism is destructive, unfounded and not welcome here. Posts deemed to be inciting hatred (racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise) will be deleted, as will those that include insults, personal attacks or trolling remarks that lack substance. Respectful and constructive discussion is welcome.

To sign up as a blog author, email Doctor Who and Race editor Lindy Orthia.