George Ivanoff

GeorgeWithDrWhoBook_webGeorge Ivanoff is an author and long-time Doctor Who fan, residing in Melbourne, Australia. He is best known for his Gamers books – teen novels set within a computer game world. In 2008 he had his one shining, fanboy moment with the publication of “Machine Time” in Doctor Who Short Trips: Defining Patterns (Ian Farrington, ed., Big Finish). Since then he has also written about Doctor Who for the following publications:

  • Outside In: 160 New Perspectives on 160 Classic Doctor Who Stories by 160 Writers, ed: Robert Smith?
  • You and Who: Contact Has Been Made, Volume Two, Ed: Christopher Bryant
  • Celebrate Regenerate, Ed: Lewis Christian
  • Doctor Who and Race, Ed: Lindy Orthia

And he writes a DVD/Blu-ray reviews blog, Viewing Clutter, on which he regularly writes about and gives away Doctor Who DVDs.

George owns a TARDIS jacket (which his wife made for him) and many sonic screwdrivers. He still entertains a ‘pie-in-the-sky’ dream of one day writing more Doctor Who stories.

Check out his website: