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Blog posts and news articles 2013-onwards (a selection)

Jones, Lucy, “Doctor Who backlash shows why it’s time to bin the phrase ‘politically correct’” (7 December 2018), The Independent.

Belam, Martin, “Is Doctor Who finally getting it right on race?” (13 November 2018), The Guardian.

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Britt, Ryan, “‘Doctor Who’ Literally Time Travels to Punch Racists in 1814” (30 April 2017), Inverse.

Caitlin Busch, “‘Doctor Who’ Season 10 to Reflect ‘the Evil in our Real world’” (28 April 2017), Inverse.

Huw Fullerton, “How Doctor Who addresses race and racism in series 10 episode Thin Ice” (28 April 2017), Radio Times.

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Danny Nicol, “Doctor Who’s unjew influence” (31 August 2016), Politics and Law of Doctor Who.

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Nico Hines, “Doctor Who: It’s Time For a Black, Asian, or Woman Doctor” (11 December 2014), The Daily Beast.

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Verity Ritchie, “Gay, Black, Female Doctor Who” (31 July 2014), Patreon.

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Johnathan Gibbs, “What a Black Doctor Who Revealed to Me About the Cosplay Community” (28 April 2014), 2D-X.

Anoosh Jorjorian, “Who-mogeneous: If Doctor Who Doesn’t Diversify, Will It Last Another 50 Years?” (23 December 2013), Racialicious.

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Whovian Feminism, “Martha Jones (Race in Shakespearean England)” (27 September 2013), Whovian Feminism.

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Michael Ray Johnson, “Race and Gender Bias in Doctor Who” (12 August 2013), Of Dice and Pen.

Emily Asher-Perrin, “Doctor When? The Dialogue Surrounding the 11th Doctor’s Regeneration (9 August 2013),

Heather McLendon, “Brit TV: Doctor Who & its problematic casting history” (7 August 2013), This Was Television.

viomisehunt, “Thoughts on the Dilemma of a Black Doctor” (6 August 2013), DoctorWho Livejournal.

Samantha Pearson, “The 12th Doctor is Another White Dude” (5 August 2013), Velociriot.

Abigail Barefoot, “Why Peter Capaldi as yet another white male is a problem for Doctor Who” (4 August 2013), Confessions of a College Feminist.

Daniel Cohen, “From Red Dwarf to Doctor Who, from Idris Elba to David Harewood and Marianne Jean-Baptiste why do British blacks have to come to the USA to find love in the UK?” (1 August 2013), ThyBlackMan.

smz, “Doctor Who and Ethnicity, Part I: Race and the cultural embeddedness of Science Fiction” (7 July 2013), Radical Compounds.

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James Colvin, “Racegate: Rising above the Daily Mail” (15 June 2013), Kasterborous.

Bethany Larson, “Why the Casting for ‘Doctor Who’ Has Become the Focus of a Debate About Race and Gender” (7 June 2013), Indiewire.

Laura Koroski, “Doctor Who: What NOT to do if your show is accused of being racist” (5 June 2013), Feminispire.

P. Djèlí Clark, “Doctor Who(?)- Racey-Wacey-Timey-Wimey” (3 June 2013), Phenderson Djèlí Clark: The Musings of a Disgruntled Haradrim.

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dimensionsintime, “Editorial: Doctor Who and Casting (Race, Ethnicity, Cultural Heritage)” (June 2013), Who Reviews & History Lessons.

Seth Aaron Hershman, “Doctor Who is a little racist, and maybe we should think about that” (31 May 2013), Time And Relative Dimension In Style.

mintymintleaf, “Doctor Who and Race –” (29 May 2013),

Liel Leibovitz, “Doctor Who? Doctor Jew” (9 May 2013), Tablet.

Marco Lanzagorta, “There’s Some Seriously Scary Ethno-Violence in ‘Doctor Who: The Ark in Space – Special Edition’” (12 March 2013), PopMatters.

Blog posts and news articles pre-2013 (a selection)

Alasdair Shaw, “A Question of Colour” (24 June 2012), Kasterborous.

Emmanuel Akitobi, “As Matt Smith hints at jump to Hollywood, could Paterson Joseph’s name re-emerge for ‘Doctor Who’?” (27 October 2011), Shadow and Act/Indiewire.

Elizabeth Sandifer, “Ready to Outsit Eternity (The Ark)” (30 March 2011), Elizabeth Sandifer: Writer.
And several other posts at this site.

Kate Orman, “One of us is yellow” (16 October 2009), Another Redhead Against Racism.

Graeme McMillan, “Why This Doctor Disappoints” (4 January 2009), io9.

karnythia, “Martha as Mammy and yet more ‘ism’s in the Whoverse” (2 July 2007), Life on Martha.

neadods, “Mickey, Martha, and the Message that Doesn’t Belong on Who” (1 July 2007), Life on Martha.
And hundreds of other posts at this site.

The Angry Black Woman, “ABW’s TV Corner — Doctor Who” (9 May 2007), The Angry Black Woman.
And numerous other posts at this site.

Ciar Byrne, “Doctor Who gets his first black assistant” (5 July 2006), The Independent.

Richard Simpson, “Exit Billie as Doctor Who Gets First Black Side-Kick” (5 July 2006), Daily Mail.

Academic journal papers available online

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Printed books and book chapters about Doctor Who that discuss elements of race

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