Art and War: the Silurians and Sea Devils

The ‘Silurians’ and ‘Sea Devils’ are among the most enduring of Doctor Who species, speaking as they do directly to deep human anxieties about our ability to trust others different from ourselves. Their stories touch on popular Doctor Who themes: the value of building common understandings across seemingly deep chasms of differences, the need to … Continue reading


A very good googly – race in Four to Doomsday

Doctor Who and Race the book encompasses celebrations as well as criticisms of Doctor Who’s engagement with elements of race. Taking the latter perspective, I’d like to smash the proverbial bubbly on this blog with a critical revisitation of something many Doctor Who fans are familiar with. It’s the scene from 1982’s Four to Doomsday … Continue reading

Why the jelly babies?

Why the jelly babies?

Here’s why the cover of Doctor Who and Race features an image of jelly babies in a white paper bag: [Doctor Who‘s] consistency in what humanity looks like constructs human diversity as an unremarkable and timeless fact. It casts racist attitudes as threatening, but in the grand scheme of human history, anomalous. The urge to a cosmopolitanism … Continue reading